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We often hear “how do I add my watermark to my photos” while we are working on staging in Flipping Furniture for Profit Q&A Group.

This handy-dandy tutorial will give you a crash course on how to use Ezy Watermark – a free app – to add your logo or business name to your photos.

To use this tutorial, you will need some basics:

  • Download the app Ezy Watermark Lite on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Be sure to have the photo you want to watermark in the photo library on your phone.
  • Be sure to have your watermark ready logo (with a transparent background if necessary) or biz name in your photo library on your phone. If you do not have a logo, skip this step as you will be able to add simple text to your photo for this step.

Assuming you have all of these items in place, let’s run thru a quick tutorial on how to add your watermark to your photos.

Download the app Ezy Watermark Lite.

Open the app and choose Single Image.

Next, choose Library from the list of choices (or wherever your photo is stored).

Choose the photo you want to edit and it will load it into the program. This box will prompt you to choose an option to add your watermark. You can choose to just add text or grab your logo from your library or other social media platforms.

Once you have inserted the logo or text on the photo, you can then adjust the size of it by using the touchscreen to squeeze it or expand it to the appropriate size.

Use the + / – options to make the logo darker or lighter, and use your fingers to move it to the location desired.

Once you have it exactly how you want it, push the check mark button at the top left, then click the second check box that pops up at the bottom right. You can now choose to export the image with the watermark to any number of places. I usually choose to send it to my library so I have it for future use on all platforms.

Now you can add watermarks to your photos for branding and protection purposes. Be sure to use them wisely – you can read more about the proper use of watermarks here: