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Let’s take a break from painting and work on selling our pieces.

So we spend a lot of time getting your furniture “on the right track”, using proper technique, color theory, and photography
so we can create emotional reactions and make buyers WANT our product.

That’s great for the furniture but what about you and your track? What do you say to yourself when it comes time to put your work out there? And what steps are you taking to stay ahead of the competition or to take a
completely different direction away from them?

I’ve got a challenge for you this week. Take an hour and figure out 3 ways you can do something to get in front of new buyers, because I’ll tell you the cold hard truth. If your business plan for income and financial stability is a garage sale site, there is no amount of staging or pretty pictures that can help.

Where do people in your town go to buy new furniture? How do you get in front of those people? Where does the money live in your area? How far do you have to go outside of your comfortable square of living to find more
and more population? 100 miles? 200? If you offer to deliver 100 miles in every direction, who can you get in front of?

You can sit around and wait for the buyers to find you, but I guarantee you one thing. They aren’t looking for you, And they don’t need you as much as you need them.

So take some time, brainstorm, think of every possible way to get in front of new buyers. Stop accepting the status quo. Imagine a world without garage sale sites and then figure out how to sell your artistry.

No more excuses. Just solutions. Today is the day you start moving down the right track.

Go find them and make it happen!