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Welcome to our guest speaker, Denell Shaw of Painted. As one of our talented instructors, Denell owns a thriving business and has provided us with an insight into how she creates long-term customer relationships!


We all work so hard to find that perfect piece of furniture to refinish.  We put our heart, labor and soul into reviving and bringing back the beauty into that piece.  We then spend a bunch of time staging it and finding that perfect shot.  We list it on multiple sites and wait for that right buyer to come along.  That person contacts us and commits to the sale.  We do our small victory dance and remind ourselves that “Yes, I am an artist and people love my work”.

Now for me, the work is not yet done.  I want my new owner to have an amazing experience from beginning to end and then I want them to come back for some more.  This isn’t just about selling my piece of furniture.  This is about selling my brand.  Creating a reputation so that this buyer tells their friends and then they tell theirs and I get multiple sales off of this one single piece.

How do I do this???, you may be thinking……

  1. I create a professional experience for my buyer from beginning to end. If they contact me through my website, I reply to their messages with my business email that has my custom signature which includes my Facebook link, Website, Pinterest and Instagram. I have now created an instant “call to action” that this buyer can go and check out my other work.

2. If they contact me though my business Facebook account, I have my logo as my profile picture so they feel as though they are doing business with a Business.

So now your buyer is on their way to your home.  You are most likely a little nervous and you are hoping that they love the piece just as much in person as what they did when they saw that killer shot you posted of it.  We want our buyers to be impressed with our professionalism and we should give them that experience because we are making them pay for it.  I have invested in a Reality-like sign that I have at the front of my home.  I had it made by a local sign company and my buyers have commented on it.  They have stated that it has helped them find my home and it also makes them know they are buying from a reputable source.  Guess what else……it is free advertisement to your neighbors, your company any any traffic you might have.  Do all of your friends know that you refinish furniture?  Well, they will when they come over and see your sign.

I have my sign placed in a raised planter and I decorate it for each season.  It just sets the mood for my buyer as they walk up to my front door. You can have these signs made double sided and place them closer to the road, however I would check with your local township to see rules on signs and advertising.This small investment has made a huge first impression from the moment that my buyer turns off their vehicle and walks up.  So much more to come….Stay tuned for Part 2 and as always,Happy Painting-Denell

Painted specializes in custom hand-painted furniture, vintage home décor, farm-house inspired furnishings and is a certified retailer of both Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint, Fusion Mineral Paint and Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint.

You can order from Denell by visiting her website at Be sure to visit the VIP Rewards Center to redeem your coupon code!