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Milk Paint Basics: Recipes for Success

(Mixing for different finishes)

Opaque Coverage: equal parts milk paint to water. Example (1Tbsp paint, 1Tbsp water) This method may result in some chipping if using over previously finished surfaces.


Prevent chipping with the bonding agent: Mix equal parts milk paint to water. Then mix in your bonding agent. Add double the amount of bonding agent to your newly mixed milk paint. (think 1-1-2) Example (1 Tbsp paint, 1 Tbsp water, 2 Tbsp bonding agent)


Milk Paint as a Wash-Mix 4 parts water to 1 part paint. Apply over dried milk paint and wipe back. Seal with finishing product.

Milk Pint as a Stain– Mix 3 parts water to 1 part milk paint. Apply to raw wood, let soak for a few minutes then wipe back.  Apply more layers until you achieve desired color.  Seal with finishing product.

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