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We all have the lowballers, the asshats, the trolls, the people who come with no intention of paying full price and poke and dig at you to knock down your self-confidence.

This isn’t specific to furniture – it’s the same in every single business I’ve ever been in. Real estate, interior design, sales, you name it.

They will not change. It’s what they do. The biggest thing that can change is your reaction to it.

You can lose sleep over it, get defensive, write a book on it, tell your friends, and make a stink.

OR you can buckle up and run your business like, well, a business.

No reaction is the best reaction. Low ball offers online? No, but thank you for your interest. Low ball offers in person? No but thank you for your interest. Rude comments about your workmanship? No response needed. moving on like it’s not even there.

Listen, they do it on purpose. They do it to get under your skin and undermine your confidence. If you let them, and you cave, then they win. If you fester on it for days and tell everyone, then they win.

Keep your head up, know your value, and stand by your work. Consider the source.

Are you going to let someone you’ve never met, don’t know, and whom has never seen your product take you down? How ridiculous is that?

If we took all of the energy we wasted on giving them the time they don’t deserve and put it towards our businesses in a positive way, we’d all be killing it right now.

So no more rants or complaints or being upset. Tighten up the elastic in the big girl (or big boy) panties and run your business. No room for emotion here. It’s furniture.

That’s a mindset for you – put it into place TODAY!