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Benches are great sellers in any market. Whether you handcraft them out of headboards, build them out of furniture parts, or simply spruce up a bench that needs some help, you’ll find a line of people waiting to buy your creation.

They can be tricky to stage properly though, so it’s important to consider these main factors when choosing accessories for your photo session.

  • Purpose: Accent piece, storage piece, decorative statement for a bedroom, kitchen table, heavy use or light use.
  • Size: Large, small, deep, narrow, long, short, back or no back.
  • Style: farmhouse, elegant, modern, French
  • Color: Choose complimentary colors and vibrant accents to create a winning shot.

The possibilities for accessorizing your bench are endless, and that is why it is necessary to use items that fit the size, style and purpose. If it’s a casual mudroom bench, it would be inappropriate to use find china on a tray. If it’s a delicate “don’t sit on me” bench, then we wouldn’t want shoes and coats strewn all over it.

When photographing benches, be sure to get the proper angle. In most cases, we will want it flat on the wall and then step right or left to try to capture a bit of the depth and dimension. This will allow the buyer to be able to easily grasp the depth of the bench and any other features such as arms or curved backs. Be sure not to shoot down on the top of the bench, but rather get eye level with the seat to create a proper perspective. If you cannot get the angle shot, focus on finding the center of the bench, and get a nice, level centered shot.

Here is a gallery of ideas to get you started:

Judy Schiffer:

Gayna Lyons-Illingsworth:

Kristen Grant:

Casie Zwole Townsend:

Jill Hodgson:

Rosy Barrera:

Loni Solomon:

Lori Kenny Dailing:

Judy Schiffer: