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Tape – Can’t live with it, can’t live without it. Sometimes it leaves you perfectly crisp lines and sometimes it is a hot mess.

Lucky for us, tape has come a long way in the last few years. We’ve listed the top four products on the market today, so read up and choose the product that works best for you!

Here are our top picks for top tapes! 


ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tapes

This tape was designed to protect different types of surfaces, while delivering excellent paint lines. You will want to be sure to pick the product that works for your particular needs. ScotchBlue has created this handy dandy chart to help you decide which one fits the bill.


Frog Tape

FrogTape® products are edge-treated, which means you get an extra layer of protection against paint bleed.

Only FrogTape is treated with exclusive Paint Block Technology. 

PaintBlock is a super-absorbent polymer that absorbs water in emulsion paints, expanding the tape’s polymer and creating a micro-barrier. 

The result: The sharpest lines possible, making touch ups a thing of the past. 

They have four type to choose from so pick the one that works best for your particular situation:

  • Multi Surface
  • Delicate Surafce
  • Textured Surface
  • Shape Tape – Chevron, Scallop and Wave

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The secret to ‘SnotTape is a specially formulated polyurethane gel that sticks to your surface and fills the gaps in the surface texture.

They have two varieties to match your surface:

  • In the Black Box: For primed, flat or delicate surfaces
  • In the Gray Box: For Eggshell, Semi-Gloss or High-Gloss surfaces

You can find out more at

InterTape Brand Products

Available at Home Depot and on Amazon, InterTape brands have multiple products to cover most applications.

  • FineLine: Ultra Thin Painter’s Tape designed to provide precision paint lines while preventing paint bleed and edge build up. Use on walls, windows and trim, hardwood floors, lacquered and laminated surfaces. Provides excellent conformability and clean removal up to 7 days.

  • ProMask Orange with Bloc-it Clean Line Technology: A smooth crepe paper masking tape with a pressure-sensitive natural rubber adhesive. Offers an excellent balance of quick stick, panel adhesion and holding properties. Recommended for most paint masking applications where excellent cornering with clean removal is desired. Superb paint lines with up to three day clean removal.

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