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If you are a member of Flipping Furniture for Profit Q&A group on Facebook, then you’ve heard us say over and over – get lower, get lower.

We want your furniture to be shown to it’s best potential, and proper perspective –┬áthe sense of depth or spatial relationships between objects in the photo, along with their dimensions with respect to the viewpoint – will draw the buyer in and create an emotional buying trigger.

When you get ready to take your photo, consider the height of your piece and work to find the level for the photo that will show the size of the furniture consistently.

If you are taking it looking down, the bottom of the piece will look smaller than the top and it will start to look squatty.

If you are taking it looking up, the top will look larger than the bottom, and it will feel as if the piece is falling forward.

Try to find that “eye level” location. For dresser and nightstands, it is usually taking the photo with your camera level with the top of the furniture. For taller items like wardrobes or hutches, you’ll need to just keep shooting at different level until you find that spot where the top and bottom are symmetrical.

Notice on the photos above how the proper perspective shows the amazing details of the turned columns and the height of each shelf.

Notice on the photos above that even though we can see the top details, this photo does not show the amazing height and feet of the main body of the coffee table. Use detail shots to show top down photos of other details. Make sure that main listing shot gives them a WOW moment.

Happy Staging!